Edexcel A Level Maths - Statistics: Past Paper Topic Questions legacy

Concise resources for the A Level Edexcel Maths Statistics: course.

Topic QuestionsModel Answers
Data Collection
SamplingSampling - Solutions
Location & Spread
Averages & QuartilesAverages & Quartiles - Solutions
Variance & Standard DeviationVariance & Standard Deviation - Solutions
Coding DataCoding Data - Solutions
Representations of Data
Box Plots & Cumulative Frequency GraphsBox Plots & Cumulative Frequency Graphs - Solutions
HistogramsHistograms - Solutions
Comparing DataComparing Data - Solutions
Correlation & Linear Regression
Correlation & Linear RegressionCorrelation & Linear Regression - Solutions
Venn DiagramsVenn Diagrams - Solutions
Mutually Exclusive & IndependentMutually Exclusive & Independent - Solutions
Tree DiagramsTree Diagrams - Solutions
Statistical Distributions
Probability DistributionsProbability Distributions - Solutions
Binomial DistributionBinomial Distribution - Solutions
Hypothesis Testing
Binomial Hypothesis TestingBinomial Hypothesis Testing - Solutions
Topic QuestionsModel Answers
Regression Correlation & Hypothesis Testing
Finding the PMCCFinding the PMCC - Solutions
Hypothesis Testing with PMCCHypothesis Testing with PMCC - Solutions
Conditional Probability
Conditional ProbabilityConditional Probability - Solutions
Probability FormulaeProbability Formulae - Solutions
Tree DiagramsTree Diagrams - Solutions
Normal Distribution
Finding Probabilities from the Normal DistributionFinding Probabilities from the Normal Distribution - Solutions
Inverse NormalInverse Normal - Solutions
Finding the Mean & Standard DeviationFinding the Mean & Standard Deviation - Solutions
Approximating the Binomial DistributionApproximating the Binomial Distribution - Solutions
Hypothesis Testing the Normal DistributionHypothesis Testing the Normal Distribution - Solutions
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