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VP of Content Astrid deRidder

I've always found it useful to change the format of the content that I'm studying. So if I'm reading Revision Notes, I might try to draw a Mind Map. Or if I'm reviewing a Mind Map, I might come up with a mnemonic to remember the order. Sometimes changing the shape of the material that you are trying to remember can be a helpful way to make the learning stick.

Astrid deRidder

VP of Content

Biology Expert Ruth Brindle

Mnemonics and acronyms can be a great way to remember lists or long processes, especially if they are funny.

Ruth Brindle

Biology Expert

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Enjoy the relief and reassurance that every revision guide is written specifically for that syllabus so you only revise what you need to know.

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Gain certainty that you’re answering questions that get maximum marks, from model answers for every question, explained by an expert examiner or teacher.

I went from a 6-7-7 in Year 10 to 9-9-9 for my real exams, only because of your superb resources

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Francesca, Head of Science
Jenna, Head of Humanities & Social Sciences
Lucy, Head of STEM
Stewart, Chemistry Lead
Dan, Maths
Jamie, Maths
Katie, Physics
Richard, Chemistry
Amber, Maths
Astrid, VP of Content
Lara, Biology Lead
Phil, Biology Project Lead
Ruth, Biology
Leander, Physics
Naomi C, Maths
Naomi H, Biology
Mark, Maths
Ali, Biology & Environmental Systems and Societies
Paul, Maths
Ashika, Physics Project Lead

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The ultimate website for improving your grades

Very helpful website for improving grades of my pupils (A level and O level). Loved the quality and presentation of the website: well organised, both syllabus-wise and content-wise and easy to navigate between subjects and levels.

Preetum G, Teacher

Very good website and resources

Very good website and resources. Well structured, organized, and easy to use. The revision that led me to all 9s at GCSE and 3A* at A-level was made smoother with the structuring and layout of resources in one place that SME provided.

Revanth R, GCSE Student

A must for GCSE and A levels!

It’s a great resource with good revision material and allows students to test themselves on each topic and understand the mark schemes. This is particularly important if you need high grades. All 3 of my kids have used it to support GCSE and A levels.

Mrs Schofield, Parent