O Level Past Papers

Welcome to the O Level Past Papers page! Past exam papers are perfect for practising and getting a clear idea of the exam format and types of questions you will encounter. Regular practice with these past papers will help you in your exam preparations and let you approach your O Level exams with confidence.

Here’s what our experts say about getting ready for your O Level exams

Chemistry Expert Stewart Hird

Past papers give you a great insight into the mind of the examiner. Sometimes they can be very particular about how you need to express your answers, so this is where the mark schemes can be helpful in your exam preparation

Stewart Hird

Chemistry Expert

Chemistry Expert Caroline Carroll

Answering past papers is a great way to help you identify those areas that still need more work, so use them during your revision process as a diagnostic tool. Always leave some past papers to complete closer to the exam to complete without your books and under timed conditions to develop your exam technique

Caroline Carroll

Chemistry Expert