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Common Questions

AS Level means Advanced Subsidiary Level, which is usually gained in the first year of post-16 education. AS Level forms on part of the complete A Level, along with A2 Level.

AS stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level.

A Levels are two-year courses whereas AS Levels are one-year courses. AS Levels cover just under half of the content of the full A Level. A Level courses delve deeper into the subject matter and cover more advanced concepts compared to AS Levels. AS Levels are typically taken at the end of the first year of studying and A Levels are taken after two years of studying.

AS results usually come out on the 3rd Thursday of August (UK).

An AS grade A is worth 20 UCAS points, a grade B is worth 16 points, a grade C is 12 points, a grade D is 10 points and grade E is 6 points.