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Welcome to the Solution Banks page! Here you will find our extensive collection of exercise questions and their solutions in a downloadable PDF format. All of which are meticulously organised by both level and subject to simplify your search.

Here’s what our creators say about getting ready for your A Level exams

Maths Lead Dan Finlay

If you get the correct answer in an exam using an incorrect method then you will not get full marks. Therefore it is important to check your method against the worked solutions when practising questions. You might even learn a quicker way to solve the problem.

Dan Finlay

Maths Lead

Maths Expert Jamie Wood

A source of frustration when revising can be when you check your final answer, and see that it's wrong! The best way to move forward is to use a worked solution to see where you went wrong. If you can't get started on a problem, then a worked solution can give you a hint on how to start unlocking it. Even if your answer is correct, worked solutions may show you an interesting or more effective way to answer the question.

Jamie Wood

Maths Expert

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