College Board AP Computer Science Principles: Past Exams

Browse our range of College Board AP Computer Science Past Exams and Mark Schemes below. Testing yourself with AP Computer Science past exams is a great way to identify which topics need more revision, so you can ensure that you are revising as effectively as possible to help you get ready for your AP Computer Science exam.

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May 2022 Sample A (QP)May 2022 Sample A (MS)
May 2022 Sample B (QP)May 2022 Sample B (MS)
May 2022 Sample C (QP)May 2022 Sample C (MS)
May 2022 Sample D (QP)May 2022 Sample D (MS)
May 2022 Sample E (QP)May 2022 Sample E (MS)
May 2022 Sample F (QP)May 2022 Sample F (MS)
May 2022 Sample G (QP)May 2022 Sample G (MS)
May 2022 Sample H (QP)May 2022 Sample H (MS)
May 2022 Sample I (QP)May 2022 Sample I (MS)
May 2022 Sample J (QP)May 2022 Sample J (MS)


May 2021 Sample A (QP)May 2021 Sample A (MS)
May 2021 Sample B (QP)May 2021 Sample B (MS)
May 2021 Sample C (QP)May 2021 Sample C (MS)
May 2021 Sample D (QP)May 2021 Sample D (MS)
May 2021 Sample E (QP)May 2021 Sample E (MS)
May 2021 Sample F (QP)May 2021 Sample F (MS)
May 2021 Sample H (QP)May 2021 Sample H (MS)
May 2021 Sample I (QP)May 2021 Sample I (MS)
May 2021 Sample J (QP)May 2021 Sample J (MS)
May 2021 Pilot- Sample A (QP)May 2021 Pilot- Sample A (MS)
May 2021 Pilot -Sample B (QP)May 2021 Pilot -Sample B (MS)
May 2021 Pilot- Sample C (QP)May 2021 Pilot- Sample C (MS)
May 2021 Pilot-Sample D (QP)May 2021 Pilot-Sample D (MS)
May 2021 Pilot-Sample E (QP)May 2021 Pilot-Sample E (MS)
May 2021 Pilot-Sample F (QP)May 2021 Pilot-Sample F (MS)
May 2021 Pilot-Sample G (QP)May 2021 Pilot-Sample G (MS)
May 2021 Pilot-Sample H (QP)May 2021 Pilot-Sample H (MS)
May 2021 Pilot-Sample I (QP)May 2021 Pilot-Sample I (MS)


May 2019 Create A (QP)May 2019 Create A (MS)
May 2019 Create B (QP)May 2019 Create B (MS)
May 2019 Create C (QP)May 2019 Create C (MS)
May 2019 Create D (QP)May 2019 Create D (MS)
May 2019 Create E (QP)May 2019 Create E (MS)
May 2019 Create F (QP)May 2019 Create F (MS)
May 2019 Create G (QP)May 2019 Create G (MS)
May 2019 Create H (QP)May 2019 Create H (MS)
May 2019 Create I (QP)May 2019 Create I (MS)
May 2019 Create J (QP)May 2019 Create J (MS)


May 2018 Create A (QP)May 2018 Create A (MS)
May 2018 Create B (QP)May 2018 Create B (MS)
May 2018 Create C (QP)May 2018 Create C (MS)
May 2018 Create E (QP)May 2018 Create E (MS)
May 2018 Create D (QP)May 2018 Create D (MS)
May 2018 Create F (QP)May 2018 Create F (MS)
May 2018 Create G (QP)May 2018 Create G (MS)
May 2018 Create H (QP)May 2018 Create H (MS)
May 2018 Create I (QP)May 2018 Create I (MS)
May 2018 Create J (QP)May 2018 Create J (MS)


May 2017 Create A (QP)May 2017 Create A (MS)
May 2017 Create B (QP)May 2017 Create B (MS)
May 2017 Create C (QP)May 2017 Create C (MS)
May 2017 Create D (QP)May 2017 Create D (MS)
May 2017 Create E (QP)May 2017 Create E (MS)
May 2017 Create F (QP)May 2017 Create F (MS)
May 2017 Create G (QP)May 2017 Create G (MS)
May 2017 Create H (QP)May 2017 Create H (MS)
May 2017 Create I (QP)May 2017 Create I (MS)
May 2017 Create J (QP)May 2017 Create J (MS)

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