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When do GCSE results come out in 2023?

GCSE results are released to schools on Wednesday 23 August 2023. 

GCSE results come out for students on Thursday 24 August 2023 (You can usually collect them around 10 am, depending on your school.)

Results day for National Qualifications in Scotland is on Tuesday 8 August 2023

Where to open your GCSE results?

You’ve been waiting a long time for your GCSE results, so, understandably, results day may be quite exciting and sometimes even stressful. Deciding whether to open your GCSE results among your friends and family is totally up to you. Some students prefer to have loved ones around so they can share their joy or disappointment with them. Others want to absorb the information alone before they share it with anyone else. Just bear in mind that opening your results at school may be beneficial in case you need some advice from teachers or advisors. This is especially recommended when you think your grades will be lower than expected. 


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How to prepare for GCSE results day?

  • Have a good night's sleep so you can be prepared for whatever comes next - whether it’s a celebration or planning your next steps.

  • Read about GCSE requirements for your college or sixth form, as well as degrees and universities you plan to apply to in the future.

Make sure you have the following items prepared for GCSE results day:

  • Photo ID - you may need it to collect your results from school. 

  • A fully charged phone is a must-have for celebratory selfies, calling someone to share the good news, or calling your next school if you missed your grades.

  • Pen and paper in case you need to speak to a teacher or advisor. 

What grades do I need to pass my GCSEs?

You’ll need to get a 4 for a ‘standard pass’ or a 5 for a ‘strong pass’.

Numerical System

Alphabetical System




A*/high A


Low A


High B


Low B/high C


Low C


D/high E


Low E/high F


Low F/G



“Bad” GCSE grades: What should I do if I’m disappointed with my results?

What if I didn’t get the grades I need for sixth form or college?

If your GCSE results are correct but are not good enough to get you into your chosen college or sixth form, don’t panic, there are still a few things you can do. 

The best thing to do is talk to your teacher or advisor. They will be able to give you advice on what to do next. One of your options is to speak to your college or sixth form and ask if they will accept you with the grades you received. If they won’t, other schools may offer you a place with your current grades.

If you received a lower grade than 4 in English and Maths or you would like to improve your grades (this may be necessary for some students who want to study specific degrees like medicine, teacher training or dentistry), you may be able to retake your Maths and English exams in November 2023. If you want to retake other GCSEs, you’ll need to discuss it with your school. The other resits usually happen during summer. Please note that this is the case if you are based in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. In Scotland, there are no exam resits and students need to retake the whole course the following year. 

What if I didn’t get the grades I need to progress with A Levels? 

If you didn’t get the grades needed to continue onto A Levels, you could explore other options such as doing a technical or hands-on course. In England, you are able to do T Levels, which is a new qualification that enables students to combine studying and work placements. Another option is a Level 3 vocational course or apprenticeship - great for anyone who is looking for work experiences such as onsite construction or hair and beauty. 

If you want to retake your GCSEs, you may be able to do it in your school or college or resit with an online GCSE course. The good news is that if you failed non-compulsory subjects and realised you would like to explore other subjects, you can decide to take different GCSEs the following year. Most schools will offer courses and classes for those who wish to retake their GCSEs. It’s important to remember that to resit GCSEs you will need to potentially pay exam fees and course fees. The total amount needed will depend on the exam board, how you decide to study, and how much additional learning support you need.

Further reading:

How to appeal GCSE results?

You have a right to apply for a review of marking. This is only available for a limited amount of time. You should also consider that the review may lower your grade, as this will be considered your final grade, even if the original grade was higher. Moreover, to appeal your GCSE results you’ll need to pay a fee that depends on the exam board. For example, the first stage of appealing GCSE with AQA costs £114.10. If you believe your grades may be incorrect, speak to your school for advice. 

Deadline to request a priority copy of the marked paper: Thursday 7 September 2023

Deadline to request a review of marking: Friday 28 September 2023

Are GCSE results important?

The essential GCSEs to pass are English and Maths. While you can drop non-compulsory subjects such as Chemistry or History, and decide to retake different GCSEs, you will need to study English and Maths until you pass. 

It’s important to remember that some top universities require specific GCSE grades. If your grades are too low, it’s worth considering resits in November 2023, so you don’t have any issues with getting into the university of your choice in the future. Speak to your school and teachers for advice. To find information on what GCSE grades are required to get into uni you have in mind, check on the university website or at the UCAS website. If you have any more questions about career choices, you can contact the National Careers Service.

If you were expecting slightly better results, but you still got into college or sixth form and your GCSE results won’t affect your university eligibility - that’s amazing! Focus on the positives and celebrate your achievements. 

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