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Section 1: Measurement & Their Errors  
Use of SI units; prefixes - Multiple Choice Use of SI units; prefixes - Multiple Choice MS ​
Use of SI Units & Prefixes Use of SI Units & Prefixes MS
Limitation of Physical Measurements Limitation of Physical Measurements MS
Estimation of Physical Quantities Estimation of Physical Quantities MS
Section 2: Particles & Radiation  
Particles - Multiple Choice  Particles - Multiple Choice MS
EM radiation + quantum phenomena - Multiple Choice EM radiation + quantum phenomena - Multiple Choice MS
2.1 Particles  
Constituents of the Atom ​Constituents of the Atom MS
Stable & Unstable Nuclei Stable & Unstable Nuclei MS
Particles/Antiparticles/Photons Particles/Antiparticles/Photons  MS
Particle Interaction Particle Interaction MS
Classification of Particles  Classification of Particles  MS
Quarks and Antiquarks Quarks and Antiquarks MS
Applications of Conservation Laws Applications of Conservation Laws MS
2.2 EM Radiation & Quantum Phenomena  
The Photoelectric Effect The Photoelectric Effect MS
Collisions of Electrons with Atoms Collisions of Electrons with Atoms MS
Energy Levels and Photon Emission Energy Levels and Photon Emission MS
Wave-Particle Duality Wave-Particle Duality MS
Section 3: Waves  
Progressive and stationary waves -Muliple Choice Progressive and stationary waves -Multiple Choice MS
Refraction, diffraction and interference -Multiple Choice Refraction, diffraction and interference -Multiple Choice MS
3.1 Progressive and Stationary Waves  
Progressive Waves Progressive Waves MS
Longitudinal & Transverse Waves Longitudinal & Transverse Waves  MS
Superposition,  Stationary Waves Superposition,  Stationary Waves MS
3.2 Refraction, Diffraction and Interference  
Interference Interference MS
​Diffraction ​Diffraction MS
Refraction at a Plane Surface  Refraction at a Plane Surface MS
Section 4: Mechanics and Materials  
Force, energy and momentum -Multiple Choice 1 Force, energy and momentum -Multiple Choice MS 1
Force, energy and momentum -Multiple Choice 2  Force, energy and momentum -Multiple Choice MS 2 ​
Materials -Multiple Choice Materials -Multiple Choice MS ​
4.1 Force, Energy and Momentum  
Scalars and Vectors  Scalars and Vectors MS
Moments  Moments MS
Motion along a Straight Line Motion along a Straight Line  MS
Projectile Motion Projectile Motion MS
Newton's Laws of Motion ​Newton's Laws of Motion  MS
Momentum  Momentum MS
Work, Energy and Power Work, Energy and Power MS
Conservation of Energy  Conservation of Energy MS
4.2 Materials  
Bulk Properties of Solids Bulk Properties of Solids MS
The Young Modulus The Young Modulus MS
Section 5: Electricity  
Current electricity -Multiple Choice Current electricity -Multiple Choice MS
5.1 Current Electricity  
Basics of Electricity Basics of Electricity MS
Current-Voltage Characteristics  Current-Voltage Characteristics  MS
Resistivity  Resistivity MS
Circuits  Circuits MS
Potential Divider  Potential Divider  MS
Electromotive Force, Internal Resistance Electromotive Force, Internal Resistance  MS
Section 6: Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics  
Periodic motion -Multiple Choice 1 Periodic motion -Multiple Choice MS 1
Periodic motion -Multiple Choice 2 Periodic motion -Multiple Choice MS 2
Periodic motion -Multiple Choice 3 Periodic motion -Multiple choice MS 3
Thermal physics -Multiple Choice Thermal physics -Multiple Choice MS
6.1 Periodic Motion  
Circular Motion ​ Circular Motion MS
Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) MS
Simple Harmonic Systems  Simple Harmonic Systems MS
Forced Vibrations and Resonance Forced Vibrations and Resonance  MS
6.2 Thermal Physics  
Thermal Energy Transfer Thermal Energy Transfer MS
Ideal Gases Ideal Gases MS
Molecular Kinetic Theory Model  Molecular Kinetic Theory Model  MS
Section 7: Fields and their Consequences  
Gravitational fields -Multiple Choice 1 Gravitational fields -Multiple Choice MS 1
Gravitational fields -Multiple Choice 2 Gravitational fields -Multiple Choice  MS 2
Electric fields -Multiple Choice Electric fields -Multiple Choice MS
Capacitance -Multiple Choice 1 Capacitance -Multiple Choice MS 1
Capacitance -Multiple Choice 2 Capacitance -Multiple Choice MS  2
Magnetic fields -Multiple Choice 1 Magnetic fields -Multiple Choice MS 1
Magnetic fields -Multiple Choice 2 ​Magnetic fields -Multiple Choice MS 2
7.2 Gravitational Fields  
Newton's Law Newton's Law MS
Gravitational Field Strength Gravitational Field Strength MS
Gravitational Potential Gravitational Potential MS
Orbits of Planets and Satellites Orbits of Planets and Satellites MS
7.3 Electric Fields  
Coulomb's Law Coulomb's Law MS
Electric Field Strength Electric Field Strength MS
Electric Potential Electric Potential MS
7.4 Capacitance  
Capacitance  Capacitance MS
Parallel Plate Capacitor  Parallel Plate Capacitor  MS
Energy Stored by a Capacitor Energy Stored by a Capacitor  MS
Capacitor Charge and Discharge Capacitor Charge and Discharge MS
7.5 Magnetic Fields  
Magnetic Flux Density Magnetic Flux Density MS
Moving Charges in a Magnetic Field Moving Charges in a Magnetic Field MS
Magnetic Flux and Flux Linkage Magnetic Flux and Flux Linkage MS
Electromagnetic Induction Electromagnetic Induction MS
Alternating Currents Alternating Currents MS
The Operation of a Transformer The Operation of a Transformer MS
Section 8: Nuclear Physics  
Radioactivity -Multiple Choice  Radioactivity -Multiple Choice MS
8.1 Radioactivity  
Rutherford Scattering Rutherford Scattering MS
Alpha/Beta/Gamma Radiation Alpha/Beta/Gamma Radiation MS
Radioactive Decay Radioactive Decay MS
Nuclear Instability  Nuclear Instability MS
Nuclear Radius Nuclear Radius MS
Mass and Energy Mass and Energy  MS
Induced Fission Induced Fission MS
Safety Aspects Safety Aspects MS
Section 9: Astrophysics  
Consisting of two Converging Lenses Consisting of two Converging Lenses MS
Reflecting Telescopes Reflecting Telescopes MS
Other Telescopes Other Telescopes MS
Large Diameter Telescopes Large Diameter Telescopes MS
9.2 Classification of Stars  
Classification by Luminosity Classification by Luminosity MS
Absolute Magnitude  Absolute Magnitude MS
Classification by Temperature Classification by Temperature  MS
Stellar Spectral Classes  Stellar Spectral Classes MS
The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram  The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram  MS
Supernovae/Neutron Stars/Black Holes Supernovae/Neutron Stars/Black Holes MS
9.3 Cosmology  
Doppler Effect  Doppler Effect MS
Hubble's Law Hubble's Law MS
Quasars  Quasars MS
Section 10: Medical Physics  
10.1 Physics of the Eye  
Physics of Vision Physics of Vision MS
Defects of Vision, Correction Defects of Vision, Correction  MS
10.2 Physics of the Ear  
Ear as Sound Detection System  Ear as Sound Detection System MS
Sensitivity, Freq Response  Sensitivity, Freq Response MS
Defects of Hearing  Defects of Hearing MS
10.3 Biological Measurement  
Simple ECG Machines, Waveform Simple ECG Machines, Waveform MS
10.4 Non-Ionising Imaging  
Ultrasound Imaging  Ultrasound Imaging MS
 Fibre Optics and Endoscopy  Fibre Optics and Endoscopy MS
 Magnetic Resonance Scanner Magnetic Resonance Scanner MS
10.5 X-ray Imaging  
Dagnostic X-rays Dagnostic X-rays MS
Image Detection & Enhancement Image Detection & Enhancement MS
Absorption of X-rays  Absorption of X-rays MS
CT Scanner  CT Scanner MS
10.6 Radionuclide Imaging and Therapy  
Imaging Techniques Imaging Techniques MS
2 Half-Life 2 Half-Life MS
Imaging Comparisons  Imaging Comparisons MS
Section 11: Engineering Physics  
11.1 Rotational Dynamics  
Concept of Moment of Inertia  Concept of Moment of Inertia MS
Rotational kinetic Energy Rotational kinetic Energy MS
Rotational Motion  Rotational Motion MS
Torque and Angular Acceleration Torque and Angular Acceleration MS
Angular Momentum  Angular Momentum MS
Work and Power  Work and Power MS
11.2 Thermodynamics and Engines  
First Law of Thermodynamics First Law of Thermodynamics MS
Non-Flow Processes  Non-Flow Processes MS
The p-V Diagram The p-V Diagram MS
Engine Cycles  Engine Cycles MS
Second Law and Engines Second Law and Engines MS
Reversed Heat Engines  Reversed Heat Engines MS
Section 12: Turning Points in Physics  
12.1 The Discovery of the Electron  
Cathode Rays Cathode Rays MS
Thermionic Emission of Electrons Thermionic Emission of Electrons MS
Specific Charge of the Electron Specific Charge of the Electron MS
Principle of Millikan's Determination  Principle of Millikan's Determination MS
12.2 Wave Particle Duality  
Newton's Corpuscular Theory of Light Newton's Corpuscular Theory of Light MS
Young's Double Slits Experiment Young's Double Slits Experiment MS
Electromagnetic Waves  Electromagnetic Waves MS
The Discovery of Photoelectricity  The Discovery of Photoelectricity  MS
​Wave-Particle Duality ​Wave-Particle Duality MS
Electron Microscopes  Electron Microscopes ​MS
12.3 Special Relativity  
The Michelson-Morley Experiment The Michelson-Morley Experiment MS
 Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity   Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity MS
Time Dilation  Time Dilation MS
Length Contraction Length Contraction  MS
Mass and Energy  Mass and Energy MS
Section 13: Electronics  
13.1 Discrete Semiconductor Devices  
Zener Diode  Zener Diode MS
Photodiode Photodiode MS
13.2 Analogue and Digital Signals  
 Diff: Analogue & Digital Signals   Diff: Analogue & Digital Signals MS
​13.3 Analogue Signal Processing
LC Resonance Filters LC Resonance Filters MS
The Ideal Operational Amplifier The Ideal Operational Amplifier  MS
13.4 Operational Amplifier  
Inverting Amplifier Configuration  Inverting Amplifier Configuration MS
​Non-Inverting Amplifier Configuration ​Non-Inverting Amplifier Configuration  MS
Summing Amplifier Configuration  Summing Amplifier Configuration MS
13.5 Digital Signal Processing  
Combinational Logic  Combinational Logic MS
Sequential Logic  Sequential Logic MS
13.6 Data Communication Systems  
Principles of Communication Systems  ​Principles of Communication Systems MS
Transmission Media Transmission Media MS
(AM) and (FM) Techniques  (AM) and (FM) Techniques  MS
Practical Skills and Techniques  ​Practical Skills and Techniques 
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