Thin Lenses in Combination (Edexcel A Level Physics)

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Thin Lenses in Combination

  • When multiple lenses are used in series (one after the other) this is called a compound lens
  • To find the total power of a compound lens, find the sum of the powers of the individual lenses

PTotal = P+ P+ .... Pn

  • Where:
    • PTotal = Total power of all the lenses (dioptre, D)
    • P= power of lens 1 (dioptre, D)
    • P2  = power of lens 2 (dioptre, D)


  • In this case the image is:
    • Virtual
    • Diminished
    • Upright

  • The lenses should be:
    • Arranged so that their principle axes line up
    • Touching or very close

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