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1.1.5 Statistical Modelling

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Statistical Modelling

What is a statistical model?

  • A statistical model allows you to use mathematics to model real-life situations
    • You could model the temperature throughout of a city throughout a month
    • You could model the sleeping times of a baby
  • There are advantages to using a statistical model
    • It simplifies the complicated real-life situation
    • It can be made quickly and easily
    • It can be used to make predictions for real-life
  • There are also things to consider when using a statistical model
    • It does not consider all the real-life features from the situation
    • It might only be applicable for specific scenarios
    • It might not provide accurate predictions for the future

What are the stages of a statistical model?

  • Stage 1
    A real-life problem is identified
  • Stage 2
    An initial statistical model is designed
  • Stage 3
    The model is used to make predictions
  • Stage 4
    Real-life data is collected
  • Stage 5
    Comparisons are made between the expected values from the model and the observed values from the data
  • Stage 6
    Consideration of the data selection and collection processes alongside statistical tests are used to assess the validity of the model
  • Stage 7
    The model is adjusted and improved (if necessary) based on the results

Exam Tip

  • Questions on statistical modelling are rare but it is worth remembering the steps. Easy marks if it comes up.

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