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4.2 Electron Microscopy of Plant Cells

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Electron Microscopy of Plant Cells

  • It is important to be able to recognise various plant organelles from electron microscope images
    • Chloroplast
      • Has distinctive stacks of thylakoids
      • Double membrane
      • Has a roughly oval shape
      • Larger than mitochondria
      • Indicates the cell is a plant cell
    • Nucleus
      • Has a nuclear membrane and a dark nucleolus within
      • It has a roughly spherical shape
    • Vacuole
      • Occupies a large space within a cell
      • Often shows up as a very light shade (white) within an electron micrograph
      • Indicates the cell is a plant cell
    • Cell wall
      • Located around the perimeter of the cell
    • Mitochondria
      • Roughly oval-shaped
      • Double membrane
      • Sometimes observed with visible cristae (foldings of the inner membrane)

Plant Cell Micrograph

TEM electron micrograph of a plant cell showing key features

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