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11.1.5 Zoonosis

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  • Some diseases are species specific whilst others can cross species barriers to infect multiple different species
  • Species-specific disease may be unable to cross the species barrier for many reasons:
    • If a species does not possess the necessary receptors to be at risk of infection
    • If the body temperature of the organism doesn't reach temperatures required for the development of the disease
  • Zoonotic diseases are those which can cross the species barrier from animal to human
  • This is a growing global concern due to the close relationships between humans and animals meaning the disease may be difficult to control and eradicate
  • This may potentially lead to pandemics such as that caused by COVID-19
  • Animal products may also be affected by zoonotic disease which poses a further issue
  • Some zoonotic diseases can initially emerge from animal populations before developing into human only strains e.g. HIV

Table to show some examples of  human only and zoonotic diseases


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